Thursday, 31 March 2011

Cooking on Gas ... or rather Painting

I'm raring to go after my nice break away, and I'm getting really excited about this transfer painting lark now.

You might remember I was a bit disheartened with my results before I went away, but on a trip in to Bath yesterday I managed to pick up some Satin fabric and have had some play time this morning. I'm so much happier with what I'm getting on this fabric. Here's a little comparison.Same painted page used, top picture shows my first attempt and bottom is on the new fabric. A huge difference I'm sure you'll agree. (In case you are wondering the blotches in the colouring was deliberate, I sprinkled some salt in to the wet paint of the painted page).

Now I just have to finish ironing out some samples on the new fabric, write it up in the book and I'll finally be able to move on to chapter two (though I have a sneaky confession to make in that I have already started some of the chapter two work - which involves collecting up some samples of different fabric).

On a slightly less exciting, but no less important note, my shopping trip yesterday also resulted in a brand new and very large storage box to keep all my C and G bits together.I was conscious that I was started to get bits and pieces all over the place and I didn't want the fabrics that I'd been buying and gathering for the course to get swallowed up among all the stuff that I already have. The box is looking a bit empty at the moment, but I haven't yet finished my journey round the house to collect up everything to put away ;)

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  1. What a difference the fabric has made. That could be an interesting study in itself