Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Playing around

I have been playing around a little with the sidebar in this blog and thinking about how I might be able to keep things organised here.

First off I've added the beginnings of a little list of links to other websites and pages. I'm thinking that I will add details of Supplier websites and maybe anywhere that I might take inspiration from as the course progresses.

Also I have added the widget which allows link to different posts by the 'Label' they have been given. Reading all of the course material the main purpose of the blog is as a forum for 'digitally submitting' your work. So you have to put up formal posts with scanned images of your workbook pages. As each of the chapters involves a fair bit of work if I only used the blog for that it could be many days or weeks between each post and I don't want things to stagnate so I will be hoping to add a few posts, like this one and the ones that have gone before, which I'll be calling 'chatter' posts. The idea is these ones might just be a couple of lines and images to show you some of the things I have in progress between those more formal 'submission of work' posts.

It's all a bit suck it and see at the moment so things may change.

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