Sunday, 6 March 2011

My Space

I've been busy reading the Distant Stitch Student handbook, and have spotted that it's important to add posts to your blog showing you actively involved in making your pieces. Of course I haven't actually started anything yet but I thought I'd have a play around with the self timer on my camera to get used to it for when the time comes. So here is a little snap of me and my machine.While we're at it I thought I'd give you a little tour of my stitching space - otherwise known as the spare bedroom :) Please excuse the mess. You may already have noticed I have a shelf behind me with lots of my crafting books.I think a few more will be being added to that collection over the coming months as I progress on this course.I have some boxes of fabric tucked away in the corner. Mostly this is quilting cotton but I do have a few pieces of organza, net, hessian, felt etc tucked away in the mix.The other corner of the room houses a set of shelves with my boxes of scrap fabric, sewing threads and some files of magazines that I've collected over the years. You can also just about see my ironing board which is always set up and ready to go - it only ever gets used for my crafting projects, as far as I'm concerned life is way too short to waste precious time ironing clothes that will only get wrinkled again ;-)

In the cupboard behind the ironing board I have boxes of paints, rubber stamps and papers but I'm not going to show you in there it's just way too messy. I may not be a domestic goddess but even I have to draw the sharing line somewhere.


  1. Oh my Angela, you sure are an ambitious one. I will be reading this new blog{already bookmarked as one of my fav's} and your personal blog. I love the way you are interested in many areas of working with fabrics.

  2. Lots of projects and you "really" are working hard on your stitching. Great photo!

  3. Good luck with your C&G course Angela. I look forward to seeing how it all progresses over here. Although I have to confess to finding the idea of machine embroidery rather scary. Me and my machine are only just on speaking terms. On first reading I thought you were saying in this post that your sewing machine had a timer! Imagine my horror! And then in your opening post you said you downloaded all the materials for the first module and I thought - My God! You can download fabric?! See, your fancy sewing machine brought on some sort of panic attack! Anyway - enjoy!