Saturday, 5 March 2011

Line and Colour: The brain cells are already firing

I've been out walking in the countryside of my local area today, and already it seems that my brain is starting to getting in tune with the line and colour themes for the first module of this course.

My walk had me wandering past some spectacular views of patchworked green fields.I think it's a shame that the skies were grey and not blue, I think blue skies would have made these greens look even more vibrant.

We also stumbled across this old abandoned taxi cab hidden away in an old lean - to garageI love coming across random quirkiness, but my reason for posting ..... take a closer look at the fabulous grill on the front of the car.Lots and lots of beautiful lines ..........................

For now these are just a few dull embers of ideas that popped up on a weekend stroll but maybe a couple of these images will end up in my sketchbook when I get going on the course for real.

This adventure in exploring line and colour is going to be a lot of fun I'm sure.

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