Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Full steam ahead (fingers crossed)

Look what I managed to get done with Jemimah last night. My second sample for the chapter, all in auto patterns and with no tension issues.

I didn't actually get to speak to the engineer yesterday when I picked her up so I don't know what they actually found wrong - but touch wood, cross fingers and all that - she seems to be back to her old self. I had a quick mess around with free motion stitching too and all seems well. Let's hope she stays that way.

I am away at the weekend but apart from that at the moment this month is fairly clear so it's hopefully full speed ahead again. I have a little mini target in my head - that I want to be starting module two by November at the latest, with all these machine problems this module has taken so many more weeks than I anticipated.


  1. well done on getting Jemimah up and running Angela......and the prairie points are coming along really nicely. lovely rich colours. Have finally managed to upload a comment to Janet's blog, so fingers crossed this one might work too! Hope Jemimah keeps behaving, and have fun with the rest of the prairie points, I found i started to see them everywhere!

  2. Glad to hear Jemimah is home. I love your sample