Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Woe is Jemimah

I think Jemimah is going to have to go back to the shop. I'm still having problems. She has this auto setting on the tension dial.I have always stitched with the dial in this position and have had absolutely no problems before. You saw the other day what problems I was having with the tension randomly changing when I was doing the freemotion the other day. Now I'm having the same issue with feed dogs up.

I was merrily stitching away on some work for my prarie point sample. I thought all was ok for a while. She was stitching a bit tight and I was getting some pull on the fabric, but it wasn't until I had a closer look at the stitching that I could see there was definitley a problem.I'm not sure how obvious it is as this photo isn't particularly good, but I'm still getting what seems to be random changes. This is the same fabric, same thread, same tension, same sewing speed, same auto stitch pattern, but the pattern on the left is a lot tighter/the repetitions are a lot closer together than the stitching on the right.

I could go on and on messing around with tension like I did for the free motion sample, but actually Jemimah didn't stitch like this before she went in for repair so I'm now convinced that she's come back not quite right. The only trouble is I'm sure the repair shop is closed for 2 weeks holiday and I'm also worried about how long it might take them to get her back to me after all the palava last time. I could take her to another place, but there aren't many choices round hers and I also paid the last place for repair and she's come back wrong so I don't see why I should pay somewhere else to fix the mistake that she's come back with.

Back to Chapter Eight and Beatrice for a while again I think...... sigh


  1. Oh, how frustrating. Hope you can get her sorted soon

  2. Sorry to hear about Jemimah. Ihoe th eproblem is solved quickly.