Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Waste not want not

I have been enjoying stitching on to the lovely black wool felt that you might have seen me using for some of the samples here (sadly my local store has stopped carrying it now so I might have to search out another source).

I'm working in an A4 sketchbook, so to be able to fit my pieces in, once stitching comes out of the hoop I have to trim it all down so I'm getting left with lots of odd sized little stripsThe latest sample I'm working all calls for working outside the hoop. So being a waste not want not kind of person I have been tacking these little strips to the back of my main piece of fabric to make my second stabilising layer.It's only a small piece so I'm hand stitching it on in strips, taking some really long stitches on the back which you might be able to make out here and just using really tiny stitches through to the front - they are practically invisible.

I've also been scouting out the local charity shops where I found this lovely little shallow wicker basket, perfect for keeping on my desk to store whatever threads I'm currently working with. This stops the reels rolling around the desk and becoming tempting play things for the cats!Don't these threads look delicious all snuggled up together?Of course these aren't the only threads in my collection. When they are not being used all my threads are stored by colour in boxes on the shelf.Somehow though no matter how many you have there are always more you need or when it comes to it you don't have quite the right shade of blue, even though you have at least 30 reels :)

Anyhow before I go here is a quick peek at the latest sample.There will be more to follow on this soon I'm sure.

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  1. A basket wouldn't stop my cats, lol, they sit on the edge and scoop them out. I think I get them all back until i move furnture and find a few more