Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Anyone Help?

I'm still having problems but it seems to be quite random can anyone help or advise? I'm getting really upset now, I just want to get stuck in to catching up after being without machine for so long but it's one problem after another.

This is the back of my stitching. I'm now seemingly having really random tension problems. I go along nicely for a while, then all of a sudden without me changing anything the tension messes up again.
I've started several samples and they're all the same. I've tried once again changing the tension settings, I've changed top thread, bobbin thread, needle but nothing seems to be working I still get these random changes.

Any help/suggestions gratefully received I feel like throwing in the towel right now!!

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  1. Hi Angela,

    I've just been strolling through your blog.. I like the informal way you chat here.

    About your beloved Jemima - been there with weirded out tension.. I realized my feed dogs were chock full of fluff and my needle was blunt as anything. Two basic maintenance things I ignored.

    I'm sure you've done all that, though, so I hope all is well with them machine. You must be hanging out for it.. I cant imagine what it would be like - as if my partner would share his!!