Sunday, 3 July 2011

Freemotion fun

What a glorious weekend we had, the weather was amazing. I managed to get along to the Urchfont open day yesterday which was brilliant. I got to meet Janet in person - thanks for taking the time to have a look through my work Janet! :) I also got to see some amazing work by some really talented ladies who have been working on the Level Two course. There were also lots of others showcasing their work so much talent and inspiration. I came straight back home and got working on my machine for a while.I'm still working on the same piece as last time. I've changed things up slightly as I thought the circles and spirals inside the curved lines looked a bit regimented, so I've started with the same central design but I'm going random with the circles and spirals. Still not sure about it, I like this design better than the first but I might try one more incarnation before I finish, as I like the randomness but I also like the spirals inside the circles so I might go back to that.

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  1. I am sure this is something that will develop over time and with practise. Enjoying the process makes it all worthwhile