Friday, 16 September 2011

Still thinking

I still haven't started stitching on my prairie points piece. My design has gone through a few different changes as things have popped in to my head while I've been working
At the moment I'm thinking about going with something like this which is in effect a prairie point colour wheel........
I've done a paper mock up.  I need to now try and explore the stitching options and also have a think about what to do with the centre panel.  I like the spiral idea in the first picture but not sure how it would work with a design using so many different colours.
So there is a little way to go and more thinking to be done before work can really start on stitching.  Hopefully I can get cracking over the weekend it would be nice to be well on the way to having a finished piece by the time Sunday evening rolls around.  We'll see though, I have a stinking cold at the moment and can't seem to concentrate on anything for too long before I need to give my poor brain a break.  This makes fo slow going :(


  1. Love the colour wheel idea

    hope you feel better soon

  2. I love all your prairie points ideas! :)