Saturday, 17 September 2011

Almost ready

I'm almost ready to start the stitching for my resolved piece.  For the coloured prairie points I've decided to use the simple stripe pattern of stitching that I used in sample 2 of the chapter.  But before I went in full steam ahead I wanted to play with the idea of using colour fabric for the background.
I stitched up a quick sample using some calico which I'd part coloured with a water colour pencil.  Having done this I now know that I much prefer the look of the stitching against the plain fabric.

I have one more quick sample piece that I want to make before getting stuck in.  If I go ahead with the idea above I will need to have light, medium and dark shades of 6 different threads, so that's 18 altogether.  So before I go with this I'm going to investigate the possibility of using a variegated thread which will cut the number needed back to 6.  It'll just depend which I like the best, I have a feeling I might be sticking with the original plan but I do think it's a thought worth investigating.....

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