Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wedding fever

Unless you happen to live under a rock it is pretty difficult to ignore the fact that there is a royal wedding about to happen here tomorrow. So I decided to put a bit of romance in to my stitching for the latest sample.I picked out some pink threads and three automated stitch patterns from my machine featuring hearts, flowers and a cross stitch which I thought could represent a cheeky little kiss or two. XOne of my threads had gotten pretty faded (I think this was part of a batch that I bought cheap from Ebay a few years back). I thought it might create some interesting colour variations and I'm happy that it did. Maybe a little difficult to see as I found it hard to get an in focus close up picture but I used it for the flower patterned stitch rows.I have a good few unbranded threads lying around that I've bought over the years, I keep all my threads in boxes by colour. Thanks to a tip from my wonderful tutor Janet I have started putting a numbering system on the unbranded threads so I can go back and use the same colours again from my reference pieces if need be. I'm using Roman numerals as my pen is to thick to handle all the curves in the everyday numbering.On the threads with black reels I'm painting the numerals on in white acrylic paint.

I'm approaching the end of chapter four now, but have one more piece in which to play with my automatic stitches some more. I'm thinking about trying something inspired by this picture taken on a walk through the bluebells on Monday.I'm planning on working on it tonight so hopefully I'll be able to share in the next couple of days. But today I'm excited to be going off to Sue's whose going to hopefully teach me how to crochet - something I've wanted to learn for ages, but just haven't managed to be able to teach myself from books. I'm excited, it should be a fun and creative day!! :)

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