Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Burning the Midnight Sewing Machine Oil

I've started work on the third piece of stitching for this chapter, there are about seven altogether for this one so a long way to go yet. You might be able to tell from the light in the picture that it was pretty late.
I seem to be getting most of my course stitching done in the dark, apart from the odd hour or two at the weekends if I'm home. I like it it's nice and quiet and I can fully concentrate on what I'm doing once all other chores are out of the way. It's nice to be sat at the machine without my mind wandering off to the fact that the dinner dishes are still sat by the sink.
Of course at our place being up late doesn't mean you're alone. Last night it was Pip who kept me company. It was nice listening to him purr away until he decided that my machine had been worked too much for one evening and it had now become his pillow instead!
He snuggled down for a nice rest. If you listen carefully you might be able to hear him purring in this little clip, but I think it was drowned out by the tapping. That was me trying to get a reaction out of Pip, as you can tell he wasn't in the least bit interested.

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  1. How funny is this video,thanks for posting and those snaps are also looking great.

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