Saturday, 24 March 2012


I've kind of stalled a bit on the course this last week or so.  I'm really struggling with the Grinling Gibbons stuff.  It's not really grabbing me.  While I can appreciate the beautiful work and the amazing attention to realistic detail it just feels way beyond my skill.
I didn't really feel comfortable doing the sketch work (sorry you'll have to twist your head a bit to get the idea this photo didn't upload correctly)

I don't know what it is I just don't feel inspired.  I've also been struggling to gather the things I need to come up with my own composition for the stitched piece in this style.  I'm thinking I might have to cheat a bit.  On my wall I have this lovely doll that I picked up on a holiday in Greece a few years back.
She's holding this really pretty posy of roses, which reminded me a little bit of the Grinling style of wood carving.  So I might just do a sketch and stitched piece based on this.  We'll see I'll mull it over.
While I'm mulling I think I might move on to the next exercise for a while and come back to Grinling else I could be stuck procrastinating around this one forever.  (By the way isn't Grinling such a fabulous name, I love it!!!)


  1. Sorry to hear you have stalled. Grinling is a rather splendid name.

  2. sometimes when I am doing some kind of fabric drawing or portrait I hate it and then I put it aside aand work on it later...most of the things I make, I always go thru a hate part. dont be to hard on yourself. I think it is normal and part of the process.