Tuesday, 31 May 2011


My machine went in to the repair shop on Friday so I'm waiting to hear what is wrong. How long it'll be before I have her back is any one's guess they had a whole array of machines waiting to be looked at before mine so there must be a sewing machine virus going round at the moment :)

It's frustrating not to be able to get on with things but in the meantime I'm keeping myself amused with these booksAnd on Saturday I spent a day in London and had a visit to Tate Britain.First time I've ever been. It was an interesting experience and lots of food for thought, but I have to confess that there were a lot of pieces there that I just didn't understand and left me feeling confused. I guess I'm just not intellectual enough to get some of this modern art stuff!! :)

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  1. Thanks for the visit, I do hope your sewing machine is repaired soon - it almost feels like a limb is missing when something like that happens !