Friday, 24 February 2012

The 'D' Word

Isn't it funny how powerful words can be, just a single word can provoke a smile, or a feeling of fear.  My favourite word is cheese ..... don't ask me why, it's just fun to say, and of course it has the associations with happy family holidays when you're all made to stand in front of the camera and say it to provoke some smiles.  Or maybe I like it because if you add a simple four letter word to the end you get my all time favourite pudding  ....... Mmmmmm cheesecake.  Anyway I digress and I'm drooling all over the keyboard at the thought of pudding.

The real point of my post is to think about another word, one that fills me with dread, and one that has been mentioned several times in this first chapter already ... draw.  And it seems I'm being asked to do it ...... aaaarrrrggghhh.

I know it is pretty unrealistic to take up any kind of creative course and not expect to be asked to put pencil to paper at some point, but it's an idea that fills me with terror.  I think it stems from all those awful art classes at school in which I was constantly being told that I had no talent for drawing.  So now I have an aversion and the idea that I have to sketch and show the results here in public just fills me with fear.

But one of my promises to myself for 2012 was to be brave.  When I told myself this I wasn't thinking about it in the heroic 'jump into a burning building and rescue someone' sense, but it was more about pushing my boundaries, doing new things and putting myself in situations that wouldn't necessarily feel comfortable.

So deep breath, here goes I'm sharing the first of my module two sketches .... please be kind to my fragile ego when it comes to this drawing thing, and if you have to laugh can you try and wait until you leave the room and are somewhere that I can't here you.  ;-)


  1. Well done. I know exactly how you feel and probably for the same reason. One of the joys of home educating the boys, I could let them draw and colour and not tell them it was wrong.
    This looks exactly how it should look

  2. I agree with your fear of the D word - every time I started a C&G course I was worried about the D word and for the most part managed to avoid doing it!! I too was told at school that I could not draw and was to go and do something else - hence I took up embroidery (needlework as it was called then!). I still avoid the D word!! I wish I was brave enough to have another go

  3. I can't draw either and the art teacher would say everyone can draw. But I can doodle and end up with some interesting things because I am not thinking to hard. The other word I dreaded at school? The m word. Strangely I am now tutoring year six in- yes - maths.

    I think you have done very well. have a well done sticker on me. xx