Monday, 9 January 2012

Weekend Snapshot

Still no photo of the missing page ... during the week I'm rarely at home in daylight which is what I need to get a decent picture of the page.  So instead in the meantime I thought I might stick up a couple of pictures that I've taken as I've been working on the beginnings of chapter 10.

This is my weekend snapshot.   Stitching and Slash :)

Where I was living before I had the luxury of a whole room that I could devote to all my stitching supplies, my new flat is tiny so my sewing machine lives in the lounge now. I like to have music going while I'm sewing, the upside of everything being in one room is I can have DVD's playing rather than just the Ipod.

The blue and pink threads are ones that I used for the first sample of chapter 10.  I'm really enjoying the exercises in the chapter so far.

And for any rock fans out there I can highly recommend the DVD   'Made in Stoke'  ;-)

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  1. That's a nifty container for your thread and spools.