Monday, 30 January 2012

Getting Inspired

My doodles are all stitched up and have been added to the sketchbook. Time to move on to the second resolved sample, and last piece of work for module one.

First to look to this fabulous painting - 'Pottery' by Patrick Caulfield for inspiration.
I ended up with this sketch ........
..... which I was pretty pleased with as far as it goes.  But something is still missing for me.  The original painting is so bright and vibrant and my resulting sketch just didn't seem to capture that somehow - even though I drew the shapes and colours from the source painting it somehow misses the mark.

Time to look elsewhere for inspiration ......... I looked through a tonne of art books (I liked the idea of taking inspiration from a piece of art) and was just about to give up and go back to the Caulfield painting when I came across this image in a book on Asian art.
I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to most kind of art and this is no exception.  Apparently it's a ceramic Fukagawa dish, from Japan dating from somewhere between 1875-1912.  It just really jumped out of the page at me.  I mean wow, look at all those beautiful curving lines and blocks of beautiful colour.  I'm off to do some sketching, I hope I can come up with something I like from this.


  1. I wouldn't know where to start if I had to draw it. I look forward to seeing what comes next

  2. I think what stuck out for me was the white background. In the painting the different colour pots "lift" each other because the are close together. I expect i am entirly wrong as i know nothing about design.